Is solar power the correct choice for my business?

Anyone can now use the Beam Solar platform for free to assess the capacity of their business to benefit from solar.

With electricity prices soaring, there's never been a better time to consider the benefits of adding solar to your site. Whilst there are many factors to consider when making such a decision, modelling the potential savings from investing in a renewable energy alternative is likely a crucial component.

The Beam Solar Platform is now public

Now available to the general public for the first time, the Beam Solar platform can help streamline this process. With no sign-up required, it's never been easier to perform and view a quick assessment of your of site. All we require from you is a valid Australian Address. 

Given the location, our platform will take into account variables such as the historical weather conditions, roof sizing and zoning to estimate the current grid demand and optimum solar sizing for your site, free of charge. If you're interested in learning more about our assessment process, check out this insight here.

Golf Club Solar & Battery Assessment-4

Example output from a Beam Solar assessment. 


Make your assessment a reality

Consider signing up for a customer account (also free!) to perform more robust analyses that take into account your real world electricity interval data as well as the option to procure offers from our top Australian solar retailers.  

So, should you consider solar for your business? You tell us - Assess your site today. 


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