Why should you become a Solar Retailer/Supplier on the Beam Solar platform?

What is important for the client? That is what we focus on.


There is immense power when a group of bodies with similar goals join to work towards providing good service to the greater nation. Most importantly, we all want to provide the best service, offer, and project outcome.

It can be a challenge to evaluate different PV project offers, making it difficult to select the best option for a particular client. The client’s choice can depend on product quality, long warranties, supplier history, delivery track record, personal experience, and many more factors. We at Beam provide a platform for all offers to be weighed against each other in a simple and clear way. All Contractors/Suppliers get a fair opportunity to win projects. 

All Contractors/Suppliers get the opportunity to improve their market offers and solutions.

Scoring on the platform

Our scoring criteria includes:

-      Solar Module(s)
-      Solar Mounting
-      Inverter(s)
-      Monitoring
-      System Warranty
-      Scaled Price
-      System Layout
-      System Design
-      Performance Guarantee
-      Maintenance Service
-      Practical Completion
-      Management Systems
-      Inclusions
-      Exclusions
-      Defects Liability
-      Project Capability
-      Project Capacity
-      Insurances
-      Beam’s Solar Audits
-      Customer Feedback



Our Solar Retailer/Supplier Score adds to the non-price score which is calculated from the Solar Retailer, Solar Module, Inverter, and Installation Warranty Scores. We are already seeing customers rely on this for decision making.

The Platform

With more and more demand for solar projects and a variety of systems being offered to clients, Beam Solar provides an ideal platform for:

1-  Like-for-like comparison.
2-  Highlighting your company’s strengths.
3-  Providing the best available solutions in a simple and clear way.

Yes, we are customer focused so we need to go through a vetting process. This allows us to be confident in our relationship with each solar contractor to ensure you can deliver.

Pre-assessed Solutions

Our pre-assessed solution makes it easy to quote. We have done some of the work for you to be able to quickly provide Initial Offers. This includes preliminary structural, electrical, and site assessments. We also simulate a range of solutions to ensure the client's main objectives are clear and we are working towards a deliverable solution. This saves you time and provides you with opportunities to grow and increase your project pipeline. Because we provide this initial information you can quickly quote your available solution. You choose when you can be more competitive and when you do not have the resources to deliver. It’s a Win-Win for everyone involved.


Our scoring is not only based on price attributes. We look at solar from a holistic view.

We conduct solar audits on the installation to ensure we keep a good record of projects. We have diverse exposure to the final product allowing us to keep on top of the new and the old.

Solar Analytics

We continue to monitor the system performance even after the installation to ensure we are delivering on our promise. This also avoids system downtime after someone accidentally forgets to restart the system.


Suppliers' Representative - Jay Grewal

I am now the Supplier’s Representative for Suppliers on the Beam Solar platform, and I am keen to get your business registered. If you are interested in joining us, please contact me ( and I can send you the invitation. Once approved, you can submit offers for solar projects aligned with your capabilities and geographical coverage.

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